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Post  Randy E on Fri Sep 16, 2011 11:26 am

@Julie wrote:Congratulations! That must have been something to hear that at the end. Congrats on the great training and great race.

ETA : you are some incredible athlete, I hope you know that. I seriously can't imagine running a marathon after all that swimming and biking (I can't swim, period, but I can imagine the strength it takes). Tell me you enjoyed a few rest days after this? Any more ironman plans in your future?

Hi Julie, and thanks for your comment. I could not imagine doing all this either. Even after some of my 100 mile training rides I would get off the bike and think, "how the hell am I going to run a marathon now." Somehow, it all comes together. It's not easy though. Swimming is usually the limiter for "most" new triathletes. It takes time and practice. Don't hesitate trying triathlon someday.

@Jerry wrote:I just don't comprehend how one can run a marathon after let's say just sitting there for 7 hours.

When I first knew marathon as a citizen event and realized I could be one of them, I was excited. When I first watched Kona Ironman TV special, I didn't have the excitement, but simply was scared. The amount of elites to hit the wall and still walked to the finish just shocked me.

When the prior year's winner walked to finish and asked why he didn't drop out, he responded because finishing one is proud. I don't ever hear an elite marathoner say that.

Randy, you have all my respect!

Thanks Jerry. An interesting perspective. Next time I watch the Ironman World Championships in December it will have a new meaning to me.

@John Kilpatrick wrote:You certainly earned that one with a lot of hard work. I am so proud of you and your steady march to that day. Great job! I am volunteering and signing up for the Florida IM next fall so I'm sure I will use your words to help through that. Seems like you have come a long way with swimming and I remember reading somewhere that IM Wisconsin is the 2nd hardest bike course out there. I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around what you must of gone through - I can't even imagine running a marathon after your bike effort. I have ridden fairly frequent 50-80 mile routes this training cycle and know from experience, there is a HUGE difference between a 75 mile ride and a 100 mile ride (let alone 112). Unreal. Great job and congrats on something that can never be taken away from you. You were great on Sunday.

Thanks John. I think it's great that you will volunteer at the Florida IM and then enter. Knowing you, you will love it. You have a lot of potential in triathlon. I am happy to see you using a training plan. I still shake my head about running the marathon after the bike. It's very mental.

@Glenn wrote:Wow. Saying congrats just doesn't seem like enough! I have a friend that did this race last year, and I followed him online that day - but that's pretty sterile. He didn't write a race report, and I didn't see him until months afterwards. Reading this, I have a much more visceral understanding of what you, him and all that take on such a challenge go through on race day. Thanks!

Hi Glenn, thanks. If you get a chance watch the Ironman World Championships. It usually comes on NBC some time in December. Very cool.

@Liz R wrote:Wow! I have been waiting for that report and it does not disappoint!

I do have to ask, though, what did you eat during the race and when did you eat it? Did those foods work for you? As you run over all the details of the race in your mind over the next few days,I'd be curious to hear what worked and what you would do differently next time, not just nutritionally, but in pacing, training, strategy, all that.

Also, how do you feel today?

Hi Liz, thanks. First of all, I feel great today. During the race, the products I used were Carbo Pro and Ironman Perform sports drink. Carbo Pro is mainly just carbs. I would mix 800 calories of Carbo Pro and 3 scoops of IM Perform in one bottle on the bike. This bottle held about 1100 calories to drink. I also ate 2 powerbars. My goal was 200-300 calories an hour on the bike. This all worked just fine on the bike. Of course I also drank water along the way provided by the various aid stations.
During the run I consumed, water, coke, chicken broth, orange slices and Gatorade. During all of this I had no stomach issues. I would highly recommend warm chicken broth if available. That was friken good and it provided a nice boost. So did the coke.
This all worked well for me and I will use the same format for future ironman events. Next time I will swim, ride and run harder. I will prepare my body to run harder off the long bike. Other than that I only have one complaint and that is my chain fell off once and that cost me from going under 12 hours. It probably took two minutes to wedge it out of the space it was in. I may get a device that prevents the chain from falling off. Other than that this was a really un-eventful event,

@T Miller wrote:Thanks for the report Randy, I've been waiting for the report too. I was tracking you on Sunday and trying to imagine what it was like for you at the different stages. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you for finishing and you had an INCREDIBLE time. It will probably be a few more years before I take on the full IM because I want to be prepared for it and I feel like I don't currently have a sufficient amount of time to do that.

As Liz asked, I'm very interested to hear your thoughts about nutrition, pacing and strategy after you've had time to reflect on this experience.

Hi Tim, I am not sure that 70.3's will prepare you for a full IM. At least for me, it was so different. I feel that you can really race a 70.3 but a full IM is more survival. Most of the survival is during the run. I was as exhausted as I've ever been. I probably could have run harder but I wanted to make sure to not be forced to walk. One has many times to think about whatever during the event, believe me. I look forward to you trying this someday. Please see above for nutrition info.

Great Job IRONMAN!

@Kenny B. wrote:Amazing report I Really felt your mile by mile 26.2 mile adventure. Tremendous job Randy you are now IRONMAN. Now half measures for sure!

Thanks Kenny.

@dot520 wrote:Wow, you certainly did not disappoint in your race report! Thanks so much for adding details and letting us experience it with you. You did incredibly well and as I tracked you, I also just missed you coming in by less than a minute. Dang! Congratulations and all the accolades that go along with that. Awesome.

So....will you get the ironman tattoo?

Hi Dot, thanks for tracking me. I got the M Dot tattoo under my right calf.

@Pete B wrote:Congratulations once again Randy,

You continue to inspire and amaze me. Two years ago I couldn't imagine running a Half, much less a Full Marathon. Now I look at a Tri of any distance with that same awe and wonder. I still cannot imagine being able to compete in one, but you provide the inspiration to at least think about it. You have achieved a truly magnificent accomplishment and have every right to be proud and say 'I am an Ironman.' A great race and a great report!

Thanks Pete, appreciate your words. But, I also think you've done great too.

@Stephanie wrote:Wow Randy, congratulations! Just reading your report got me all choked up - especially the end!! Thanks for sharing your training and experience with us - you are an inspiration!!!

Hi Stephanie and thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed reading the report.

@Alex Kubacki wrote:Great report Randy. Very very few get to call themselves an Ironman and you are one of them. Amazing.

Thanks Alex!!

@fostever wrote:That's like a major feat to do your first in a little over 12 hrs. Now you're hooked, I guess. You are truly Ironman, Randy!

Thanks Steve.

@Tim C wrote:Fantastic job, Randy!

I am seriously considering doing a half IM, but the full just sounds too daunting. I've done several 100 mile rides and cannot even imagine running 26.2 miles after.

Tim, it all starts somewhere. Do that 70.3 and see how you feel.

Well done.

@Michele "1L" Keane wrote:I, too, have been waiting for this report, Randy, and I was not disappointed. What an incredible race! I was so very impressed as I was virtually following you especially with how you kept edging up in those standings, and now I know why - you executed the race perfectly - wow, what discipline and fortitude. I especially love the quote about the marathon being 26 - 1 mile runs as it really sums it all up.

I'm so very proud of you and all the fantastic training that you did. It just affirms that if you work hard at something you will reap the rewards. Can't wait to catch up with you and give you a big congratulatory hug in NY (of course, as long as Beth doesn't mind). You are one of my heroes!

PS I remember working T1 at IM Florida when a friend did it in 2008 -incredible!)

Thanks Michele, I was surprised to see that I passed around 1000 people after the swim. I guess I had 10.5 hours to do that. Yes, that quote helped me out. Just one mile at a time. I hope to meet you in NYC for that big hug.

@Max M wrote:Congratulations Randy! I am so jealous!

Hi Max. Listen to you, Mr. 49 marathons and counting. Thanks.

@amyjoann wrote:Wow I didn't realize you were doing the full AMAZING! Your report was awesome I felt like I was there,I would love to do this one day but I'm pretty scared. How much weight did you lose during the event? How is recovery going? Have you run yet? Thank goodness you like warm weather cause you sure had your share of it on Sunday .You have to get the awesome ironman sticker for your car for sure. Ok if you can do a 4:22 after all that, I better get my act together and do that for my next race thanks for the inspiration:cheers:

Hi Amyjoann, please don't be afraid to try this. If you came to an Ironman event and saw some of the finishers you would think, "I CAN DO THAT." Recovery is going well. This week I've been doing daily, very light, 30 minutes of spinning on the bike and a little elliptical. I have the Chicago Marathon coming up and want to be as recovered as possible by then. That means taking my time to recover. I'm treating the Ironman marathon as a really slow long slow distance run. Now, I'm in taper mode again.

@Michael Enright wrote:Wow. That's all I can say.

That and that cannon must have started you off strong!

Yes Michael, the little tiny canon is quite the motivator.

@stanton wrote:Amazing accomplishment!


@Seth Harrison wrote:An amazing accomplishment Randy! Like everyone else, I've been waiting for your report. It's the first Ironman report I've ever read, and I loved following along with you. You did a fantastic job, and thanks for a great report. You must be so deservedly proud of yourself!

Thanks Seth.

@Chris M wrote:Holy Smokes, that is an accomplishment. Wow. You did something so few people would even consider trying and you knocked it out of the park. Very impressive time and obviously the result of some great training and superhuman dedication and toughness in the race. I did just the run in a full IM as part of a relay team and I found all of the full IM particpants to be so impressive to the point of intimidating. It is such a scary thing to take on and you did it and will be coming back for more. Wow. CONGRATS IRONMAN!

Thanks Chris.
Randy E
Randy E

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Post  Mark B on Fri Sep 16, 2011 12:25 pm

Thanks for taking the time to write such a fantastic race report, Randy. I think it's one of the best I've ever read.

Congratulations on your achievement. It has been so much fun watching you progress over the past couple of years. Your commitment, passion and humility are an inspiration. Great job.
Mark B
Mark B
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