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Questions for NYC Marathon Veterans

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Questions for NYC Marathon Veterans Empty Questions for NYC Marathon Veterans

Post  Sara Jane on Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:38 pm

I ran it in 2008 - but I just can't remember a lot of specifics:

1. Are the mile markers always clear? Trying to decide whether to use autolap or not. I didn't at Grandma's and really liked it...because I tend to panic when my watch hits a mile well before the mile marker. But at Grandma's they are on huge balloons, high up in the sky, so you really can't miss them. But I know at many other races I often don't see them. Anyone remember how they look on the course? I'd hate to not have it set and then miss one. I will be following a very specific mile by mile plan that will not be even.

2. Has anyone ever sat in the reserved grandstand seating? (or had family members do so.) I am considering buying seats for my mom and stepdad. They are going to be in town and I think they would enjoy that (the pro races should be great!)...but I am wondering how it works, if there are in and out privileges, if everyone really has a good seat and view of the screen, etc.
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