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Your First Marathon - Forewords by Kenny Moore and Frank Shorter

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Your First Marathon - Forewords by Kenny Moore and Frank Shorter

Post  Jack_Scaff on Thu Aug 18, 2011 3:38 pm

by Olympian Kenny Moore

Sigh. It's a vexation, but you have to admit we live in a plural society. You train, you race, you even make an Olympic team or two. You get to thinking you know what works. And then you find out that what works for you puts other people in the hospital.

The essence of this book is Dr. Jack Scaffs irrefutable assertion that the best runners are not like you and him. They're fast. Scaff studied the slow, the weighty, the lameā€”in other words, the normal. He learned how to coach them into not speed, but endurance.

I may be fast, but I'm not dumb. If I had a friend who was normal and wanted to finish a marathon, I wouldn't coach him or her. I'd make a present of this book. And stand back.
by Olympian Frank Shorter

Dr. Jack Scaff is indeed an original both in terms of career accomplishment and force of personality. He brought a passion for running to the mid Pacific in the 1960s and combined it with his medical knowledge to establish an outpost of runners who were an integral part of the first wave of the American running boom ten years later.

He founded the Honolulu Marathon years before there were big city marathons in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. His Honolulu Marathon Clinic was among the first organized training programs in the world devoted to training the average runner to complete the marathon distance in relative comfort and reassuring safety. This was a time when the public perception of the marathon was the domain of a small group of specially trained specialists.

When I first met Jack at his race in 1974, I knew right away he knew what he was doing. His knowledge of how to train for

endurance running was sound, his organizational skills were superb and unusual for a practicing physician; he had an energy and aura about him that boomed, "We're going to have fun doing this." For years running in Hawaii was driven by the force of Jack Scaff's personality.

In addition, he could always communicate his thoughts in a way that was informative, to the point and entertaining. I feel this is what you get when you read this book: Jack's unique perspective on the history, evolution and current. state of running, narrated as only he can tell the story. Along with it you get absolutely up-to-date medical advice on how to train and how to stay physically healthy. It is also simply stated and makes common sense. What could be better?


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