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I posted this under calendar events

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I posted this under calendar events

Post  charles on Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:15 pm

But I thought it might get some more run here.

July 30th. Memphis' Five Mile Classic. The oldest race in Memphis.
This year the race organizer has three guests/legends here in Memphis
for the race. They are giving a lecture July 29th the night before the
race. Dave Wottle - a Memphian and 1972 Gold Medalist in the 800.
Peter Snell a Lydiard disciple and three time Gold Medalist. Jim Bailey
the first person to ever run a sub 4 minute mile on American soil.

Very Short Article

Dave Wottle. One of the greatest Olympic 800s ever Waddle in the golf hat . . . in last place

Peter Snell. Peter Snell Bio

Jim Bailey. Sorry 'bout your bad luck Jim. No one filmed your 1956 3:58.

But here is a nice little Lydiard video that Dave-O will like

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