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A new Indiana Trail 100 course video is up now

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A new Indiana Trail 100 course video is up now  Empty A new Indiana Trail 100 course video is up now

Post  charles.moman on Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:40 am

I have made course videos of several races for people to check out or for them to decide if they want to do the event.
Before the first Indiana Trail 100, I made a short course video that has been watched over 3,500 times.
In that last two years there have been some course reroutes, so I decided we needed a new video.
Last Tuesday, I drove 4 hours up to Chain 'O Lakes State Park, near Albion and walked and filmed the route and drove back home.
It took six hours to walk the route - I did stop and talk to fellow hikers - potty breaks - quick walking lunch - and taking a few nice scenic shots.
I shot over 1,300 images and created an 18-minute video of the course.
The RD approved it and it is now on my Youtube channel and folks are finding out about it.
Here it is:


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