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N-e-t-f-l--i-x DVDs- getting better service

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N-e-t-f-l--i-x DVDs- getting better service Empty N-e-t-f-l--i-x DVDs- getting better service

Post  ounce on Mon Apr 20, 2015 4:08 pm

I get Netflix delivered home because my TV is older than when wi-fi cranked up.

I load my queue with movies and a few TV seasons.  So, my queue was in the 30's.  The amount of time it was taking to mail and get a new movie was increasing, especially when the movie was being mailed to the Houston facility.

I looked on Google for why it takes a while to get a new movie.  I spotted an article from 2008 that said that if you do a lot of turnover on movies, Netflix isn't making as much off of me because I rotate so quickly.  Hmmm.

So back in late March, I decreased my queue from 34 to 17.  I had no idea what would happen.  I must've tripped an algorithm or something because not only was I getting DVDs returned and resent quicker, but when I mailed something back (in this case to Minneapolis) one afternoon, the NEXT morning there was a note on my queue saying "We have received a notation that you have mailed a movie.  Even though we haven't received it, we're going to send you the next movie in your queue."

Now, my queue is about 10 and I'm getting movies sent to me, even though I'm a 2 at a time DVD plan person.  Over the weekend, I had 4 DVDs in my possession because they're just so durn sweet.

Just to let y'all know.
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