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Canyon Rumble Frozen Half

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Canyon Rumble Frozen Half

Post  nkrichards on Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:02 pm

This run was...interesting... This was my first trail race. My goal going in was to finish in under 2:30.

We got more freezing rain overnight. They opted not to have us run the M hill as it was just to dangerous. They delayed the start a half hour to let things thaw a bit and then we were off...

This was the biggest turn out I've ever seen for a Madras event. They added a 5K and 10K this year but most people ran the half. One mile on city streets and then we dropped onto the Willow Creek Canyon trail. It was icy in spots, good in spots and gooey mud in spots. The trail is single track in places but wide enough to pass easily in other places. It was warming quickly...I was very glad that I didn't overdress...shorts, performance T, arms. I was even more pleased with my decision to wear my shoes with screws. Some people didn't based on the conditions at the start but they regretted it later.

I knew I wasn't very well prepared for this event so I started out fairly conservatively. I was at just under a 10 minute pace at the turn around. Perfect. Then we headed back up the hill...into a moderate headwind! My pace slowed to 11:plus but I was hanging right with the folks that I usually run with. At around mile 10 we hit some steep up and downs and some very icy sections. It was much harder to keep your footing than on the way down. I think the ice started to melt so it was slick on top. My legs were starting to rebel and I was struggling to keep my footing. I slowed to 12:plus pace for a couple miles. I realized that if I could run a decent final mile I would finish in under 2:20. New goal. I popped out of the canyon onto the city streets feeling OK cardio wise but my legs were toast. I passed a couple guys and gained on a couple girls but just couldn't run the pace I wanted/needed. Final time 2:20:28. I was toast at the end!

It was a good day and I am sore.
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Re: Canyon Rumble Frozen Half

Post  Mark B on Sat Dec 06, 2014 10:01 pm

Trail runs are always great adventures - adding ice to the mix raises the ante significantly. Well done!

Mark B
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