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Lew Hollander

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Lew Hollander

Post  nkrichards on Fri Dec 05, 2014 7:53 pm

We had a fun little running group get together last night. Lew Hollander (holds the record for oldest Hawaii Ironman finisher at the age of 82) came out and spoke. Those of us who braved the icy roads had a great time. He's not the best speaker but he is fun. He's 84 and looking forward to moving up an age group soon. Smile He started out as an endurance horse rider, switched to ride and tie, then completed Western States before turning to triathlons. He takes all kinds of supplements...not sure how I feel about that. He doesn't use a rigid training plan just does what he feels like. He believes in going anaerobic daily. Loves chocolate and ping pong. He had some really good stories to share and has quite a sense of humor. He shows up at local races often but I've never had a chance to speak to him much.

He plans to run the half with us tomorrow...hope the weather cooperates!
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