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November Naperville

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November Naperville

Post  carleenp on Fri Jul 19, 2013 10:03 am

I figured I would start a blog for this one. Although I can be terrible about updating these things!

After my Missoula Meltdown, I am targeting Naperville IL on Nov. 10 to try again for 4:10 or better. I sketched out a plan using Hansons classic which I used last time, but I put in a three week instead of two week taper (I found I prefer three). I also added an extra long run  of 16 miles and over to the plan (I did an extra 16 last time too). Then, I added something else that has worked well for me in the past. I put two 20s in with a half marathon between them. I run the half at planned marathon pace as a test run. The last two times I did that, it was a really good indicator for me about if I was ready and I had my two best marathons after that.  

I don't think the 16 mile cap in the Hanson's plan caused my previous meltdown at all, but I also really think I need the 20s for confidence now. If I'm feeling beat up by when I get to them, I'll change one or both them back to 16-18 if I have to.

One other oddity is that when I trained for Missoula a friend of mine who is much faster than me ran my speed work with me at lunchtime on Tue and Thur.  That was incredibly helpful to me. She is now using the same program to try to BQ and I owe her. I can't run her pace, so I am going to roller skate with her at lunch on those days until she starts tapering for her race (hers is very early October). Until then, I'll do my Tue run that afternoon and no run on Thur. My own speed work will be Wed and Fri. So I am getting a bit of of some odd cross training in too. 

My plan doesn't start for several weeks since I am in marathon recovery. Heck I can't run at all yet, not only because I wasn't going to let myself run until this weekend, but also because I have a jammed toenail that is KILLING me if it touches anything! I just ordered gel caps for it that should arrive tomorrow. I might cut a hole in the top of an old shoe as well. I did that last time.  My legs actually feel good enough for a run now, and psychologically I am dying to get out for a few easy runs. 

I'm also going to do a 5k or two in early August just to see where I am at fitness wise. I would prefer a 10k but couldn't find one that would work for me.

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