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My Kind of Race

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My Kind of Race

Post  Ben Z on Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:26 am

Read the FAQ for the series of races in Long Beach Easter weekend.

Can I volunteer?
Yes, we would love volunteers to help with our events. 
Please email us at rracing@rocketmail.com for
more information.  All volunteers will get a free race
entry to most races.

Is there a mail in registration?
Yes, we accept payment through mail by check.
Please email us at rracing@rocketmail.com if interested
in paying and registering for a race via mail.  

What are the prices for your races?
Our general prices with slight fluctuations are as follows:
-$15 for 5k
-$22 for 10k
-$30 for half marathon
-$40 for marathon
-$45 for 50k
-$55 for 50 mile

These prices do not include late registration fees,
which is 1-2 days prior to the start of the event.

What is your return policy?
Like most running races, we do not issue refunds.  However, we can allow a participant to switch to another race at a different date, or change distances with prior notice, or special circumstances.

Will race times be posted on the website?
Yes, all race times will be posted usually within the day of the race.  Also, all results will be sent to athlinks.com for those of you who collect times on that site.  We are very adamant about posting race results as quickly as possible after the event.

Will there be a photographer at the race?
We will try to have a photographer take pictures at each race, however there may be races where this is not possible, but we will do our best.  All photos will be available for free on our Flickr and Facebook page.  We think photos should be shared for free.

Are there awards for the races?
Everyone who participates is a winner.  To keep prices low, we do not generally offer any awards.  All participants receive a finisher certificate, or medal depending on the race. 

Are there time limits?
None!  We will be there as long as it takes for you to finish.

Can I change race distance after registering?
Yes.  We try to accommodate our racers with their requests.  During a race, if a participant wants to increase or decrease their distance, just ask and we will most likely confirm the change.

Can I start earlier or later than the scheduled race time?
Usually yes.  Just email us with a request and your preferred start time and we will try to accommodate it.

What is offered at aid stations?
Generally for the half marathon, marathon, and ultramarathon events we will offer water, Gatorade and/or Gu Brew, fruit (oranges, bananas), and Gu gels.  We will accommodate most requests as long as they are submitted a few days before the race.  We really want to give our participants the best experience so we are open to suggestions and requests for aid stations.  For our 50k and 50 miler, we do offer a variety of pretzels, candy, fruit, soda, and other beverages to help fuel the participants.  We also have salt and S caps at the aid stations and everyone is welcome to leave a drop bag.

Why run a Rocket Racing Productions race?   
We are offering a low cost, friendly, fun racing atmosphere in Southern California.  There are no hidden motives, everything is straight forward.  We offer the pure essentials of racing.

Can I have someone pace me during a race?
Yes, pacers are more than welcome at any time.
Ben Z

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Re: My Kind of Race

Post  Gobbles on Mon Mar 19, 2012 5:13 pm

Nice, but how can they afford the invited athletes that no one sees, except for the Seeds and A-corral for about 10 mins?

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Re: My Kind of Race

Post  Mike MacLellan on Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:17 pm

Very nice. I hope these guys get enough of a crowd that they can keep doing this.
Mike MacLellan
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Explaining To Spouse

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Re: My Kind of Race

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