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Peak Week Workouts

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Peak Week Workouts

Post  Mike MacLellan on Thu Mar 15, 2012 2:05 pm

This is an off-shoot of the "key marathon workouts" thread going on right now - a little more specific to my situation.

If I was in the same sort of shape I was in last year, I'd just copy my key workouts from my peak weeks... But I'm not.
Last year it was:
4 weeks out: 22.x miles in my goal marathon time (3:10).
3.5 weeks out: Hal-style tempo back-to-back with a 15mi MP run (2x 5mi MP, 1mi easy, 2mi each warm and cool).
3 weeks out: 20mi, last 10@MP.

The back-to-back 3.5 weeks out is what isn't going to happen this time around, mainly because I don't want to risk a 22, 15, 20 within 8 days. I'm thinking I will cap my sorta-long at 90min.

Because of this, I'm looking for a workout to bring all three of those factors together - tempo work, MP mileage, and sorta-long endurance run.

I was thinking something like 15min warm, 30min progressive tempo, 10min easy, 30min MP, 5min cool. Should I reverse the MP and tempo? Make one shorter and one longer? Nix one altogether?

All thoughts are welcome.
Mike MacLellan
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Re: Peak Week Workouts

Post  Jerry on Thu Mar 15, 2012 2:44 pm

If I finish the planned mileage, especially the 20, and feel tired, I am good!
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